Brazilian Music With a Swedish Touch

Belchior & Balstedt


The Royal Arms (Örebro)3rd May, 202319.00
Kvarteret & Co (Örebro)26th May, 202320.00
Norrbyås kyrka (Norrbyås)5th July, 202320.00
Näsby kyrka (Fellingsbro)27th July, 202319.00

"Belchior & Balstedt consists of Louise Belchior on vocals and flute, Hans Balstedt on guitar, and Eduardo Belchior on percussion. The Swedish-Brazilian group is based in Örebro (Sweden) and have studied and worked with music in the hometown of Bossa nova, Rio de Janeiro. Together, they have found their own sound, mixing the Brazilian rhythms with their own interpretations and arrangements. The result is a joyful and emotional musical journey that makes you feel the warmth in your face and the sand beneath your feet. The music of Belchior & Balstedt fits every space, from the more relaxed event to the more sophisticated occasions."